Why choose Oxford Intellect?

Experience you can rely on

Oxford Intellect is focused on knowledge transfer; taking cutting-edge knowledge developed by leading experts in the United Kingdom to higher education institutions internationally. 

We have a track record in improving the quality of teaching, research output and student employability. 

Our focus on advanced research methods cuts across all fields of study from medicine to psychology. In addition to this we specialize in the field of economics, business and finance.

What do we Specialise in?


Advanced Research Methods

Knowledge of advanced research methods are helping UK universities teach and research at the cutting-edge. This can be seen through the development of workshops and summer schools as well as full degrees in research methods. We specialise in transferring this knowledge to international higher education institutions.

We offer training in quantitative and qualitative methods as well as methods software. This training is relevant to a variety of academic disciplines such as criminology, economics, political studies and public health.  

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Economics, Business and Finance

Oxford Intellect's network has a particular focus on economics, business and finance. More than 70% of our courses are delivered in this area. We have decades of experience in building syllabi that generate graduates ready for today's job market.  

Our network includes experts in financial econometrics, health economics, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our academic experts are dedicated to tailoring their training and support to meet the demands of each of our individual clients.   

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Expertise and Experience

UK experts - Global reach

Our strength is in our network. Over 80 academics from leading universities in the UK including the University of Oxford, London School of Economics and University College London comprise our team. This includes professors, lecturers and researchers with collective experience of over 150 years in teaching, research and syllabus design.   

Each member of our network is an expert in their particular niche field. This allows us to deliver expert training across a number of areas in a cost effective and timely manner.

We have experience in delivering training, seminars and consultancy projects in six countries and three continents.

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Tailored Delivery

Client Focussed

Given our wide network of academic experts, we are able to offer an extensive range of training. Each of our clients are different and we are always ready to tailor our offer to meet your needs. Read on for some examples.

Financial Econometrics with STATA

A three-day intensive course for PhD students and faculty members wanting to develop their knowledge of STATA and financial econometrics to an intermediate level. Attendees are assumed to be conversant with basic concepts of financial econometrics and to have some experience of STATA. 

Summer School in Entrepreneurship

A five-day programme of lectures, case studies and development of student start-ups. Aimed at undergraduate students wanting to develop their innovative ideas into operational businesses. Delivered by academics in the field of business and leaders from UK business schools.

Methods software training in R

A two-day course in the free, open-source software R. This software is growing in popularity within a wide range of academic disciplines from sociology to medicine. The course takes attendees with no knowledge of R up to an intermediate level of proficiency. The course can be tailored to cover statistical concepts relevant to attendees. 

What Our Clients Say

Client feedback

Dr Smajlovic, Head of PhD Programme, SEBS, Bosnia

The training material was very good, with a lot of exercises and extended support provided for interested students after the course. The program was delivered by an academic with several years of applied industry experience and hence the training was very successful. Besides the high quality of the training materials and the training itself, I would like to point out that the training was highly cost effective. 

Dr Quan, Vice Rector, Hue University, Vietnam

We could confidently recommend Oxford Intellect as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Dr Amila, Participant, Succeeding with R

Excellent. The lectures are of high quality and materials are great too. Very knowledgeable instructor with great experience and examples. Very worthwhile training. I’d definitely recommend it to others.

Dr Hj Nazmudeen, Ac. Asst. Vice Chancellor, UTB, Brunei

The services were completed by Oxford Intellect to our utmost satisfaction and the contribution to UTB School of Business and School of Science and Applied Mathematics are very valuable and appreciated by the university. 

Firdaus, Participant, Applied Econometrics

The teaching was perfect overall...it is good for our future research and career.